August 2022 Pennsylvania Regular Rated Top 100 Girls Under Age 13

1Yang, Aimee81726
2Muthu, Kamatchi91423
3Ayithi, Yashaswini81220
4Mo, Faye F111141
5Ulis, Isabel121010
6Catelli, Anastasia12 962
7Sadhu Venkata, Vahini11 946
8Ai, Ruoming10 871
9Ryerson, Olivia10 816
10Zhang, Vivian10 672
11Ready, Isabella10 619
12Goldovsky, Kristina10 548
13Konda, Ratna10 521
Players with established ratings
who were active in the last 365 days.
Ages as of August 1, 2022.
Ratings include the August 2022 supplement.

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