October 2019 Pennsylvania Regular Rated Top 100 Ages 8 & Under

1Hu, Hemu81558
2Lin, Benjamin81254
3Li, Mason J61202
4Fan, Zachary81183
5Chen, Jacob M61064
6Kairi, Arjun81002
7Goldberg, Peter W61000
8Hujic, Adrian7 944
9Liu, Enmon7 919
10Parripati, Tanay8 805
11Bozick, Colin8 799
12Hulage, Shrey S8 745
13Ai, Ruoming7 705
14Sznajder, Leon7 694
15Hosanagar, Aarav8 655
16Ware, Gabriel8 420
17Duranton, Nicolas8 404
18Bluemell, Michael8 385
19Ready, Isabella7 329
20Ford, Martin8 322
21Gillman, Hugo7 315
22Perkin, Jacob M8 260
23Randall-El, Kojo8 177
24Elliott, Jefe8 150
Players with established ratings
who were active in the last 365 days.
Ages as of October 1, 2019.
Ratings include the October 2019 supplement.

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