January 2016 Pennsylvania Regular Rated Top 100 Girls Under Age 13

1Cao, Claire111809
2Khmelnitsky, Nikki111128
3Anderson, Ciara S10 658
4Bankulla, Misha11 652
5Sutton-Cook, Monique12 631
6Basu, Somdatta11 623
7Boyd, Morrisa11 546
8Narkeeran, Meena6 525
9Bruce, Robyn12 512
10Raparla, Akshara S8 479
11Patterson-Lyles, Assata11 398
12Bushee, Rebecca10 238
13Feliciano, Sanayha7 142
14Mc Shane, Lindsay9 116
Players with established ratings
who were active in the last 365 days.
Ages as of January 1, 2016.
Ratings include the January 2016 supplement.

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