March 2010 Pennsylvania Regular Rated Top 100 Ages 8 & Under

1Zhou, Kevin81496
2Lu, Benjamin71490
3Zheng, Remington Chengyue71181
4Zhou, Joshua81115
5Kuehnle, Torin81106
6Senthil, Swathi81062
7Wang, Evan7 969
8Schaeffer, Matthew8 756
9Milano, Jackson8 755
10Niggemyer, Michael P8 745
11Dornak, Alexander J8 696
12Hallman, Noah8 659
13Kenney, Thomas N8 652
14Zeelander, Joshua R8 640
15Paik, Brennon8 628
16Schwartz, Matthew8 593
17Tilton, Aaron D8 579
18Choo, Justin7 542
19Taranta, Jonah S8 521
20Cohen, Ryan8 459
21Betsur, Omkar7 456
22Narula, Manas7 422
23Spence, Lucca R8 263
24Virany, Walter8 250
25Smith, Cole8 215
Players with established ratings
who were active in the last 365 days.
Ages as of March 1, 2010.
Ratings include the March 2010 supplement.

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